how to build a website for free


How much will it cost?

Website builds typically range from $2,500 — $5,000 depending on your requirements.

Do you use template designs?

YES, and NO. The design of your website is created uniquely to reflect your requirements and the image you would like to portray. Most sites are built using similar technology that incorporates various types of ready-made content blocks; like web sliders etc., which are then altered to reflect the style of the new site.

Do you have stock photos?

YES, if you would like to use stock photos they can be sourced for a specific project. Stock photos range in price from a few dollars to $100’s. We usually find an image suitable for all budgets. You are also free to supply your photos, but they must be of an adequate quality and of high resolution to be useful.

What items do I need to supply for my project?

Basically, you need to supply all images, text, and logos that are to be used in the project if you have them. Projects requiring photography, copywriting or the creation of a company logo will be quoted before work commences. Items supplied for scanning should be good quality originals. Photographic colour prints, high-resolution digital images. All material will be assessed for suitability.

Important: Pictures taken from web pages are not suitable for high-resolution printing as they are of low resolution (96 dpi) and cannot be scaled up beyond their original size.

Can my logo colours be reproduced exactly?

YES, and NO, certain printing methods such as spot colour printing will reproduce your logo colours faithfully; however, CMYK or full-color process printing does have its limitations. Where colour matching is required we will endeavour to have the colour adjusted at the time of print to match your sample.

Who prints my job?

Your job will be printed by the most appropriate printer, based on the format and the jobs end requirements. Rest assured only qualified commercial trade printers are considered for your project.

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