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E-Assistance's Rights:

E-Assistance reserves the right to not to do business with any customer deemed to be a risk for bad debts and refuse any work which is deemed to be illegal or offensive in any part.
E-Assistance reserves its right to cancel its services to any customer at any time.

The Client or their Agent also acknowledges the right of E-Assistance to use their work in any promotional material for the purposes of promoting E-Assistance.

All artwork and printing orders are subject to E-Assistance's Terms & Conditions. All work undertaken is treated as confidential.

E-Assistance's liability is strictly limited to the value of the work carried out for the customer, and will not be liable for any losses direct or consequential due to errors or late delivery.

Payment Terms:

A deposit of 50% of the total is required for all work undertaken, with the balance due at completion of the project. If paying by cheque, the cheque must clear before deposit payment is considered to have been received. For credit card payments, a signed remittance is required. A company purchase order is required for any work undertaken.

E-Assistance retains ownership and copyright over all artwork until the full invoiced amount has been paid. E-Assistance agrees to supply the Client a copy of the completed artwork created and/or used in the production of their printed material upon request.


Quotations are firm for 30 days after date of quote subject to sighting of material. Afterwards they are subject to any increases in charges/fees or print costs. Additional changes or departure from the brief will charged at the normal production rate.

Final Approval:

An authorising email or signature of approval is required by a responsible person before printing of any new artwork can proceed. While all care is taken E-Assistance will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions discovered after customer approval, however we do take all possible care in our proofing process. E-Assistance will not accept any responsibility for errors or omissions after the Client has given written approval to proceed with printing or delivery to a Newspaper for publication.

Late Design Changes:

Whereby the Client or their Agent requests further modifications or changes after the completed work has been sent off for printing the Client or their Agent agrees to pay additional costs that may arise.

Colour Variations:

Colour variations between proofs and the finished product is quite common. Where practical only CMYK colour breakdowns are used in the design process of full colour brochures etc. Colours also change when printed on different paper stocks due to the absorption of the inks. If exact colour reproduction is deemed crucial, a highly accurate colour proof will be obtained for an extra charge. This may add a day or two to production time. Pantone colours they specify may alter slightly when converted to CMYK due to limitations of the four colour process. Please note that PDF proofs emailed to the Client are an indication only and may differ slightly from the finished printed article.

Artwork Production Time:

Artwork production time is generally between 24 - 48 hours for small or medium size jobs. However this may vary according to the current workload.


E-Assistance will not be held responsible or delays caused by factors outside our control such as: the time it takes the customer to supply of all appropriate material necessary for the completion of the job.

Printing & Delivery Time:

Please allow 5 - 10 working days for printing and delivery, though not guaranteed.

Product Availability:

Products vary due to print availability and stock. E-Assistance reserves the right to find suitable alternatives.


It is the Client's or their Agent's responsibility to make sure that copyright is not being infringed at all times. E-Assistance accepts no responsibility for any wilful misleading information or material provided to E-Assistance by the Client or their Agent which infringes any copyright law.

Cancelling design and/or web site development:

Should the Client cancel the project at any stage after project commencement the deposit will be non-refundable regardless of the amount of work produced. Either party may terminate this agreement by giving 7 days notice in writing if the terms of engagement are breached. Should such notice be given, the amount to be paid to E-Assistance will be based on the amount of work performed at the date of termination. Legal action will be pursued for unpaid invoices.

Web Site Design and Development Terms:

Unless requirements are specifically stated in the quotation (prior to project commencement) functionality methods will be produced at the discretion of E-Assistance.

Web site development does not commence until the following criteria have been met:

that the quotation and the terms and conditions has been accepted

supply of all reference materials (ie. photos, logo, text etc) has been received

full deposit has been received

E-Assistance will at our expense fix bugs or errors that may arise in our work. This does not cover any alterations or additions to the work produced. Nor does it include rectifying work altered by third party members or problems arising from technical issues with the hosting/server provider.

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