Trading Terms


Before any work can commences new clients will be required to complete and sign the new client sign up form and agree to e-assistance terms of payment.

Terms of Payment

Invoices will be issued every month, indicating net, GST and total amount payable. Payment terms are strictly seven (7) days from the date of the invoice. 

It is preferable that payment is made by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). Please reference our invoice for the BSB and Account details.

Overdue Accounts

If for any reason an invoice becomes overdue, we will open dialogue to remedy the situation.


Where printing is above the E-assistance threshold, an invoice will be generated by the printer to our client, whereby our client will pay the printer directly under the printer terms of payment. A separate invoice will be created by E-assistance covering other costs to E-assistance relating to the print job such as artwork fees, service/handling fees which are payable to E-assistance under E-assistance terms of payment. 


All quotes will indicate net, GST and total payable, and are valid for thirty (30) days from the date of quote. If the quote involves a third party also, then E-assistance’s quote will outline that third party’s validity if it differs from thirty (30) days. 

Production Work

Unless otherwise specified, all production work includes two rounds of client revisions only; additional changes will be charged at E-assistance's hourly rate.

Website Development

When a website has been approved and is active (live on the internet), any changes that are not due to programming issues or contained in the original brief will be charged out at standard hourly rates. E-assistance provides a warranty period of three (3) months from the time your website goes live. Problems arising during this period will be fixed without charge.  All issues with the site must be notified in writing (email) within this three (3) month warranty period. After this three (3) month warranty period, all programming work performed, regardless if due to E-assistance error, will be charged out at our standard hourly rate. Warranty only applies to new websites designed and developed solely by E-assistance.

Goods and services

Goods and services remain the property of e-assistance until the invoice is paid in full. E-assistance reserves the right to suspend all related services if outstanding accounts are not finalised.

Intellectual property. 

E-assistance retains copyright ownership of creative material produced until the full invoice amount is paid in full.

Archived material. 

E-assistance will archive client material for one (1) year, subject to events beyond our control, e.g. file corruption, fire etc.

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