Meet The Team

About Nerrel 

I have worked predominantly as an Executive Assistant within Marketing, Sales and Public Relations departments of various national and global companies for the majority of my career.

During this time I completed a Small Business Management Certificate at my local TAFE, and an Influential Manager’s Course with MGSM at North Ryde.

My last role prior to working for myself, was providing administrative support to a General Manager plus 13 Senior Sales Executives based across Australia and New Zealand. At the same time, I managed corporate entertainment nationally, managing a ticketing website which I helped build, with the developer, and creating customer invitations for special events, as well as many other tasks.

In 2014 I decided to join my husband in his home-based business, expanding his services to include my skills in marketing and sales.

We focus primarily on social media and website development for small to medium businesses in our local area.

About Peter

I worked in printing (1980-1988) and advertising (1980-1988).

Initially, I worked as a paste-up artist with a local printing firm in St. Marys, NSW. I spent eight years learning everything about being a paste-up artist, including how to layout type, produce camera-ready art bromides, and shoot and mask film to make printing plates.

In 1988, I was offered a position with an advertising firm. My role there was to liaise with a few local instant printers buying their typesetting from the agency. The agency had two compugraphic typesetters for producing their own in-house typing needs.

During the Desktop Publishing revolution, it was time to hop on board or miss the train altogether. The agency bought its first Apple IIci and a Linotronic rip. I was keen to try out the new Apple after using a computer for some time - an Amstrad PCW word processing computer. I soon mastered QuarkXpress, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Within a short time, I produced finished art via separate bromides on the Linotronic — mostly newspaper ads, then full-colour brochures, etc.

In 2004, I started my own business called Omega Graphix, which later became e-assistance when my wife joined me at home as a partner. It's now 2023, and we are still in business, working with a few faithful clients who are fun to work with.

Nowadays, my wife and I specialise in Social Media and website development and maintaining and updating our existing clients' websites as needed.